TTC Series: So what else can you do?

Once you know how your cycle works and understand the readings on your chart it’s time to work out the best method of conceiving your baby. One popular method is the Egg Meets Sperm Plan by Deanna Roy which ties in nicely with charting and works by doing the following:
  • have intercourse every other night
  • test with and OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit) from day 8 of your cycle
  • when you get a positive OPK, have intercourse that night and the following 2 nights in a row then skip one night and try the following night
  • take a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) 15 days after your positive OPK
  • if you do not get a positive OPK continue to have intercourse every other night until day 35 of your cycle and then take a HPT.
Deanna designed this method for conceiving a baby for women who have suffered a miscarriage and are trying again however many of my friends in my TTC group tried and successfully conceived a baby using this method even without suffering a miscarriage.
Deanna claims that provided the woman has a normal cycle and is faithful to following the egg meets sperm plan, 40% of women trying it conceive on the first cycle they try it in.


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