TTC series: Our TTC Journey

When we first started trying to conceive our second child, master monster, we had no idea of the emotional and mental roller coaster ride we were in for. Miss Monkey had been what you might call a surprise pregnancy. 
I had been on the Depo Provera injection for several months to avoid getting pregnant, one because I was only 22 when I first met hubby and two because I was studying for my diploma in business administration at the time. I came off the injection for a lot of personal reasons but the main one was that I had started putting on weight and I wanted to try to get my body back to normal before trying something else. 5 months after coming off the injection I finally got my first period. I had plans to see the doctor to arrange something else the following month after I had gotten my second period and I was sure that my cycles were back to normal. However, my second period never turned up. Instead 3 days after it was due I took a home pregnancy test and found myself holding a positive.
Because it had been that easy to get pregnant with her, when we finally decided to start trying for child number 2, we fell into a pit fall. I came off the Mirena IUD and the following month got my first period. As you do when you first start trying we had a lot of fun in the bedroom and succeeded with a positive home pregnancy test by the time the second period was due. Easy as, right?
What we hadn’t expected was that because the Mirena had only been out for 2 months at the time of the positive home pregnancy test I still had the hormones that prevent pregnancy running throughout my body. Just as I was coming up to my 6 weeks mark I started spot bleeding. Being worried I went to my doctor and he arranged for me to have an emergency scan. The scan showed that it was too late. My egg had already started to make it’s way out and there was no heart beat. I had already begun to miscarry our baby. Needless to say, my husband and I were pretty devastated.
It took a couple of months after our miscarriage for my period to return to a form of normal. By this time I had joined a TTC (trying to conceive) group and started learning about things like charting my cycles, testing my temperature and checking my cervical mucus for fertility. I did some research and decided for the health of my baby and to help get pregnant I needed to lose some weight. This is also about when I started my blog.
9 months after first starting our TTC journey we finally got our positive and our second child. 
This will be the first of several posts in a series describing what we did to get our positive and hopefully, the information that I put in them will help other couples out there about to start or already in the process of trying to conceive their baby.
Stay tuned!

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