Dying hair while pregnant

There is nothing quite like a change of hair colour to give a woman an upbeat feeling. Especially when she is heavily pregnant and feeling over it! Which is what I did today, and boy, do I feel so much happier. I didn’t go a huge difference in colour. I mostly just wanted to go a little darker for Autumn and to cover the grey hairs that had started to peep through again.
I’ve had grey hairs since just after having miss monkey but I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12 (you can thank my sister for that!). So every now and then, I like to have a bit of a change with my hair and since hubby doesn’t like me cutting my hair too short and too often, my only other option is to dye my hair!
New colour: chestnut brown
Now, there is a lot of controversy about dying your hair while pregnant. There are many in the “don’t do it” camp and many in the “it’s fine” camp and they aren’t just the mums discussing this. This can come from hair dressers and medical staff as well. The main concern is whether or not the chemicals used in dying hair affects the baby at all.
So just a couple of pointers if you’re wanting to dye your hair while you are pregnant:
  • When dying your hair yourself, check the ingredients and the warning labels of the dye you want to use. If you are at all worried about the chemicals in the hair dye, use a natural organic version. You can often find these in your local organic store.
  • When using a professional hair dresser, ask them what their policies are in regards to dying the hair of pregnant clients. Some hairdressers will do it and some will not. Also remember that each hair dresser will probably use different types of chemicals in their dyes and that may be the reason they will not dye the hair of pregnant clients.
  • Most importantly, if you are at all concerned about the affects of dying your hair while pregnant, talk to your leading maternity carer.

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