Silence is golden… unless you have a toddler!

This is a statement I have come to know well, previously with miss monkey, and now with master monster.
Miss monkey as a toddler got up to several incidents of mischief when she went quiet. On one of the more memorable ones, I remember coming home from work to finding hubby had shut miss monkey’s bedroom and had a video waiting for me on the camcorder. The footage on there was of miss monkey covered from top to bottom in Sudocream, which she’d taken out of her nappy bag which daddy had left on the floor in her bedroom where she could reach it, and of her bedroom, also covered in Sudocream. Miss monkey was crying in the video because she’d been caught out. It was very cute apart from the fact that miss monkey had managed to use up an entire tub of barely used Sudocream and that daddy had left the mess in the bedroom for me to clean up! He did clean up miss monkey though though I had to chuck out the nappy bag after this stunt since it was also covered and unable to be cleaned.
Another time, I walked into my bedroom to find miss monkey had climbed up onto my dresser and grabbed my concealer and foundation creams and smeared them all over the dresser, the carpet and my black duvet cover in the process of putting it on herself! My duvet cover has never recovered from this particular stunt and still has stain marks from this event.
A third stunt included a matching pillowcase to the same aforementioned duvet cover and a black permanent black marker. Also something that is stuck forevermore and not able to be removed.
Yesterday (Monday) was master monster’s turn to remind me that silence and toddlers don’t mix. I had forgotten to shut my bedroom door after missy moo had woken up for her feed and was feeding her in the lounge. Master monster wandered up the hallway and because I heard nothing coming through the monitor I assumed he had gone into either his own bedroom or monkey’s bedroom. Wrong. He was in my bedroom alright and he’d found a half drunken bottle of beer left by hubby on his bedside table from Sunday evening. I walked into the room to put missy moo back down for her nap and noticed the tv and the PS3 was on. Then the PS3 turned off and Disney Junior turned on. Walk around the bed to daddy’s side and there is monster happily playing with the PS3 controller. He was also drenched with a huge puddle soaking into the carpet and smelling of beer.
I doubt monster had managed to get more than a mouthful or two at the most but he’d clearly managed a little bit judging from his unsteady walk down the hallway after he’d been caught. I gave him some food in the hopes that it would soak up what little beer he’d have managed to drink but it just goes to show how much silence is not golden when you have toddlers. It’s just plain scary!


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