Beware the losing of the hair!

It’s not something most new mothers think about. 
We all know that while during pregnancy our hair becomes thick and lush and in the healthiest state it could be and I’m pretty sure most would realise that once the baby is born, that thick lushness dissipates as it starts to fall out in a rapid state.
But are you aware of the potential danger this can create?
Danger, you ask? What danger is there in our hair falling out? 
The danger is to our new babies. Obviously, we bath or shower our babies often and we clean their little feet. But do you check their little toes? Let me explain.
The other day, I was dressing Danielle and took a close look at her little toes. To my dismay, I noticed a couple of strands of my hair had managed to wind themselves around two of her toes. I managed to get them off though it was quite hard as they’d already gotten tight.
Toe Tourniquet. Source: Wikipedia
Why is this a danger? If left unchecked, and let’s face it, hair is very thin and unless you really pay attention can easily be missed, the strands of hair can tighten as the baby wriggles his or her toes. As the strand tightens it restricts the blood flow to the toes. Eventually your baby could lose their toes and even have them accidentally amputated off. All because of that little strand of hair that falls off from your head. 
It’s called Toe Tourniquet. Google is full of the results of what it looks like but I have linked photos from wikipedia for you.
I urge you to check your baby’s toes often. Fingers as well. It’s very easy to miss a strand of hair, even dark ones, and the results can be very dangerous for baby indeed.
I was aware of the danger so I knew to check for it. Now, I hope you are forewarned as well.



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