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My blog has been active for just over two years now and while I do write a lot about my life, I haven’t really done a get to know me post much. I think the last one was in a blog tag post during the UBC July 2012 challenge and before that was when I first started blogging. So for today’s post, I am going to answer six “questions” about myself to help you to get to know me better.
Feel free to copy and paste the questions and answer them for yourself if you wish.
Blogger’s name and why you chose it?
A Mummy’s Life. I chose it because being a mother is something I identify strongly about in my life. It is mostly what I blog about and so it was fitting. I used to blog under the name History’s Missing Lady when I first started blogging on here as I enjoy historical romances and let’s face it, they are always about the aristocracy and not the average plain Jane. I think my current name fits me and my blog better though, don’t you?
Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about now?
I initially starting blogging when I was trying to lose weight to conceive our second child. We had already been trying for six months by this stage and had suffered a miscarriage. The act of trying to conceive a child can be such a mind game on a woman that I needed other avenues to keep myself occupied to prevent myself getting depressed from every negative pregnancy test. One of the ways to take my mind off of the trying part was to lose the weight I had put on with our daughter and to blog about my journey.
Once we did succeed in getting pregnant with our son, the blog evolved into my pregnancy journey and after our son was born it switched back into losing weight again. During this time, I started posting about other things than just my losing weight. I joined the UBC July 2012 challenge and some photo a day challenges and really started to get into posting about other stuff. Then I got pregnant again with our current pregnancy and so the blog took on the pregnancy journey again but with a lot more other stuff in it.
I would consider my blog to be a little bit about everything these days. My family, myself, my weight loss or pregnancy journey, the projects I fill my days with, my views on things happening around me. A bit like a fruit salad really.
Introduce your family.
My family is what you would call the core of my little life. There is my husband, a man who traveled over from South Africa to start a new life in New Zealand. We met when he’d been here for three years, have been together for seven years and married for three and a half years.
We have two beautiful children and another on the way. Our oldest is always known as miss monkey on here. It is her nickname in real life as well. She’s five years old, funny, smart (when she wants to be), cheeky, sensitive and of cause, temperamental! She can be very stubborn and sometimes only hears what she wants to hear instead of what has actually been said. She loves drawing and writing her letters and can even kind of write her name, though she tends to get the letters in the wrong order. She constantly asks how to spell a word so she can write it down. Monkey also loves taking photos with the camera as well as posing in front of it.
Our one year old son is usually known as master monster on here. He’s also been known as master terrorist and master chubba bubba. Monster gets into everything. He loves to explore and often pulls a Houdini stunt to do so. Often I will find him on his way to Nana’s Cottage or to the tomato plants to eat the tomatoes. Drawers have a huge fascination to him. He constantly pulls them open to see what’s inside and to pull everything out.
Our current pregnancy is a little girl currently known as miss leprechaun as she was originally due on St Patrick’s Day. Even though the dating scan changed the dates to a week later, she still gets referred to as leprechaun since as you all know, most children don’t arrive on their due date. She will probably suffer a change in nicknames as she grows into her own personality.
Also living with us, though in her own cottage, is my mother, or Nana to the kids. She shares her cottage with the two dogs, Bones. and Jazz. Bones is actually our dog but because it is easier for the dogs to be fed in the one place and is both walked mostly by Mum, they tend to stay down there. They always come up for visits though and Bones will usually do so on his own for cuddles and snacks. Jazz mostly just follows Mum around as he has a bit of a nervous tension and can’t bare to let her out of his sight.
Other animals or pets on the property include our two turtles, Monkey and Porky, and pleco, Spike in the tank in the house and three nameless sheep in our paddock. Monkey was named so because he was constantly climbing when we first bought him. Porky, like her name suggests, loves to eat and often steals Monkey’s food at dinner time. Both love to eat the random insect that can be caught throughout the day. Spike likes to lie quietly out of the way of the two turtles and swims around the tank occasionally giving them fair warning when they try to steal his food on top of their own. The sheep, well, they’re nameless because technically two of them are food. We plan to send those two to the butcher to fill up the freezer. The third will be breeding future food and will eventually gain a name once we’ve decided who’s staying and who’s going. 
What are your hobbies?
My hobbies mostly include sewing, baking, blogging, and playing games on my phone. I also enjoy doing Zumba.
Where do you see your blog next year, 2 years from now, 5 years from now? 
It’s hard to know where I see my blog going in the future as I had no idea where it would go when I first started it. I would like to see it gain more followers (doesn’t every blogger?) and to start making some reasonable money through the Google adsense program that I belong to. It would be really nice to  reach the kind of followers that the likes of Scary Mummy, Filing Jointly… Finally and The Bloggess do but that would probably be a long time coming for me.
What are your aims and inspirations for your blog?
My aim is to make my blog a versatile, friendly place for visitors to stop in, have a read and enjoy. I would like to hope I am reasonably thought provoking sometimes and at other times someone that other mothers can go, “she gets it, she’s been there, I’m not alone.”
As for my inspirations, there are a lot of blogs out there that I enjoy reading and would like to emulate with my own. 
I hope you enjoyed learning about me. If you do decide to copy the questions to answer for yourself don’t forget to comment below with a link to your post so I can read it too!

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