Disney’s Brave

Can I just say that the new Disney princess movie Brave is the best one ever?
Don’t get me wrong. I love Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty too. But I get so tired of Disney Princesses just ended up needing a man to save them and ending up married. I want something better for my daughter.
I don’t mean not getting married. Sure I want that in time, when she’s experienced enough of life to know her own mind. I mean the needing a man to save her. Because in today’s world, Prince Charming just does not exist. There are good men. There are even men who would save us little women from the big bad witch. But do we really want our little girls thinking that they need a man to save them from everything?
No, I want my daughter to know her own mind. I want her to be able to think things through, do her own research, not just accept the word of someone else. Like any mother out there, I want her to be a successful person in her own right, not a trophy wife hanging on a man’s arm.
So I was really glad when I took my daughter to see Brave that Disney’s new Princess wanted anything but that life and tried to do what she could to prevent it, even defying her mother’s idea of what her life should be. Sure she made a wrong choice, went down the wrong path for a while. But you know what? She fixed it. By herself. She even got her mother to see things from her way. That’s the kind of morals I want my daughter to see. Not that she needs a man to fix her troubles, but that she is strong enough, woman enough, BRAVE enough to do it herself.




Now that my movie review is out of the way, time to get yesterday’s and today’s photo a day July for 21 and 22 done.
Day 21: music – Miss monkey is dancing to the music that Daddy had playing last night.


Day 22: high key – yeah I couldn’t resist…

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