Blake’s Birth Story

Remember that crazy day I just posted about earlier this week? It turned into an even crazier week! (TMI warning again)
So after my last post, that same Sunday night, guess what starts again? The leakage. This time I go through about five maternity pads between 7 pm and 4 am before it starts to ease off. Text my midwife again in the morning. Back to the hospital, this time with one of the soaked pads in hand. Ruptured membrane aka broken waters now confirmed.
So now because my waters have been confirmed as broken, the midwife starts the induction procedures with some prostaglandin gel at 9 am that day (being Monday). Hubby and Nana arrive not long after this to spend the day waiting with me and hubby picks up Miss Monkey after kindy and brings her back to visit for the afternoon. Minor contractions start about 10 am and continue erratically until evening with a second insert of gel at around 7 pm. I am monitored every 6 hours or so on the CTG monitor for an hour and at each check Master Terrorist’s heart rate and movements are perfect and show no signs of distress. Hubby, Nana and Miss Monkey leave about 5 pm for dinner and to get Miss Monkey to bed and hubby comes back alone and stays until about 9 pm.While the contractions don’t get any more intense or regular, the gel helps my cervix get to 1 cm dilation and  about 80% effaced by 9 pm at which point they decide to insert a catheter balloon into my cervix and fill it with water to try and further open my cervix by morning. I spend a fairy comfortable night in the pre-natal room since the contractions pretty much stopped by about 10 pm. The balloon catheter falls out at 4 am.
9 am Tuesday morning I am transferred to a delivery suite by my midwife and hooked back up to a CTG monitor for Master Terrorist’s heart rate and movements and my contractions which have not yet restarted. My cervix shows that I am now 2-3 cm dilated. hubby and Nana arrive after dropping Miss Monkey off at kindy for the morning. I also get an IV line inserted into my left hand and start receiving a re-hydration fluid and a hormone drip. Contractions that are more intense than the day before start at 9:30 am and I struggle to even sty lying on the bed. at this stage they are still only 20 minutes apart. Now I’ve been through labour before (obviously since we have Miss Monkey) but these hormone drip forced contractions were so much more intense. By midday I was receiving contractions every 5 minutes and was 7-8 cm dilated. By this time, it was too much. I was surviving only with gas and barely even with that. I made the decision that I have always stated that I will never do (have you ever noticed that the minute you say “never” something always comes back to bite you in the butt and you have to do just that?), get an epidural. The epidural was inserted and dulled the pain right down but still required the gas for an intense ovulation type pain. By 1:30 pm, I had dilated to the full 10 cm but Master Terrorist still had not come down far enough. I was feeling the urge to push with each contraction but the midwife asked me to try to hold off on actually doing so to give him time to ease down by himself. I started feeling a sensation in my butt area about 2 pm that felt like I had pooped myself and (TMI) I had. Not the nicest thing in the world and really disgusting but my midwife just took it in stride saying that it is a good sign that my body is clearing itself out to make more room for baby to come down.
By 2:20 pm my midwife decided to top up my epidural and get a doctor in to check me over because she was worried that I hadn’t started crowning without actually checking me herself. They were in for a surprise! The doctor came in putting on her gloves and lifted the blanket only to find the top of Master Terrorist’s head sitting there waiting to come out. The doctor left laughing and my midwife prepared herself to start delivery. One tiny push to get Master Terrorist’s head out and then I had to wait to let the midwife remove the cord from around his neck. One more push brought out the rest of his body and he was quickly placed on my chest for skin-to-skin time with a good set of lungs going! Unfortunately I also managed to split open the scar from the stitches I received from Miss Monkey’s birth so having to deal with stitches again this time. At least there were no forceps used this time to incur a uterus infection like I had last time.
So at 2:25 pm on Tuesday 6 December 2011, Master Terrorist at just 36.3 weeks gestation was born, technically as a premature baby (babies are considered full term only from 37 weeks onwards), weighing 3.584 kg or 7 lb 14 oz and measuring 54 cm in length. My little prem baby is a not so little baby, lol.
The next few days happened quite fast. Master Terrorist had to have a foot prick every 4 hours to check his sugar levels and make sure there wasn’t a diabetes risk due to me having gestational diabetes. I had to continue to check my own levels before meals and two hours after wards for the next couple of days for the same reason. Both our levels tested fine and we have both been cleared of diabetes risks. I still have to do another glucose tolerance test 6 weeks after birth just to make sure and will continue to have to do so at 6 months and 12 months etc to make sure it doesn’t come back.
We were meant to stay in hospital for 48 hours but ended up being allowed to leave the next day (Wednesday) before Master Terrorist was even 24 hours old!
Thursday, my midwife came for her first home check and is happy with how Master Terrorist is going. In true terrorist fashion, he had woken up that morning with two little teeth that disappeared by the afternoon, leaving me to question if I had even saw them or felt them. There are still little bumps under his gum so it looks like I maybe in for an interesting first couple of months. the only thing I have to watch is that I make sure he gets a small amount of indirect sunlight on him each day to prevent the slight jaundice getting worse.
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