Danielle Is 4! | Happy Birthday Dani!

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Danielle is 4 year’s old. She turned 4 yesterday. Of course I was too busy doing birthday prep to blog then. But where did the time go? How do I have my third 4 year old already? That’s right. THREE of my four child have reached the 4 year old mark now. One more year and I’ll have THREE children at school and the FOURTH will be starting kindergarten. I’m kind of crapping myself at that thought.

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Just An Average Mum

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We all know I’m not a big fan of housework. But I do try to keep on top of it for my family’s sake if not for my own sanity. But on the days when I am behind in housework, it’s important to remind myself that I am just an average Mum and I’m doing the best that I can. So here are a few things to remind us all that sometimes, taking a second glance at the not done homework can tell you something about yourself and me as a parent.

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Combining Youtube Channels | AMummysLifeNZ Channel & Patricia Vlogs Channel Combining

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So, I’m doing something crazy. I’m combining youtube channels. I’ve had 2 youtube channels for a couple of years now. While the family life channel is fairly popular with almost 800 subscribers, I can’t seem to get past 45 subscribers on the other channel.

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You know those stupid posts you see on Facebook etc that ask you if you would give up the internet for a whole year for a million dollars blah blah blah? Yeah, you can count me out of them. Just going without actual internet from Thursday afternoon until this morning was long enough. I’ve already used half of my phone data just trying to stay connected to the world. Not even my blog or vlogging stuff. My monthly contract only switched over at the beginning of last week. That stuff has another 3 weeks to last me! Anyway, let’s play catch up on the week’s events so you know what’s happening with us.

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